Sunday, October 26, 2014

7. File Opening - Part 2

Please verify you have taken all the documents needed as explained in the second post
Click Here to see: File Opening - Documents Required
You can collect the Application form from the person who is sitting inside the eye test cabin. Also he might check your documents for verification before giving the form to ensure you brought all the documents needed.

After getting your form, go to a typing centre to fill up. There is one typing centre in the second next bulding of sharjah driving institute (SDI) building, there is a gate inside the SDI compound to the pathway to the typing centre building.
The application form will look like this:

Then with the typed application form, go back to the first place. Then firstly you can show the documents with the application form to the police officers sitting there to verify, once he verified you can go to the eye test and he will test. (Some times you can go to the eye test staff itself without seeing the police officer)
After eye test you have to go to the police officer with the report and have to pay 120 Dirhams here as fees. They will give you paper with details of application, fee paid, etc

Also they will give you one book namely "Driver's Code".

Thus you have completed your File opening.!!!! Cheers!!!
Now you wanna join to the driving classes, where you have two option, one is govt and other is private driving schools. I will write about it in my next blog.. Thank you..

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